The Fiery Furnaces’ Matthew Friedberger has new music (and a $1,000 rhino) on Bandcamp

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I don’t really ‘do’ music news but no-one seems to have spotted this, so here I go.

Matthew Freidberger, one half of one of my favourite bands ever, The Fiery Furnaces, has quietly released seven new tracks on Bandcamp under the name MR. FRIED BURGER/NEUE FRIEDBERGER OPER/M. Friedberger.  It’s a ‘mixtape’ (in the hip-hop sense of the word) called ‘MR. FRIED BURGER, I RESUME?’ Read More

My new EP – Dishonourable Indignation – is out now

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Yay! I’ve finally got around to releasing my new The Star Fighter Pilot EP. It’s free to stream and download.

The ‘Dishonourable Indignation’ EP was recorded in February this year. For those who don’t know, I used to record and perform as The Star Fighter Pilot between about 2004 and 2009. I gave up when I simply lost interest in making music – it just didn’t thrill me any more.

Last year, I got the bug back – I just don’t have a lot of time to make music given my job. Still, assuming I have time, I’ll expand this EP into a mini-album later in the year.

3 tips for aspiring journalists wanting to get into online media

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Today I took part in a fun discussion about careers in journalism at the BBC Radio 1 Academy event in Norwich, alongside Newsbeat’s Anna Doble and the NME’s Greg CochraneRick Edwards and Tina Daheley were asking the questions.

I was booked on the last direct train back to Manchester and had to dash out of the session early to catch it so I didn’t have time to give the three tips I’d been asked to prepare. So, I’ll share them here. They’re really not rocket science, but many people I’ve encountered don’t consider them when planning out a route into their dream career. Read More