Cold Light

- - Music

Between 2004 and 2009 I used to make electronic pop under the name The Star Fighter Pilot. I used to play live regularly in Manchester and beyond and had a lot of fun doing it.

Since then, I’ve just been too busy to focus on music, but maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough. This year I ‘got the bug back’ and here’s the first song from The Star Fighter Pilot in five years. Go easy on me as I’m out of practice, but there will be more to follow… Read More

Helping to push the humans out

- - Tech

It’s inevitable that robots and artificial intelligence will end up taking a lot of today’s human jobs over the next few decades, but whenever I’m in my local Tesco store, I can’t help but feel I’m hurrying the process on a little.

You see, I always opt for the self-service machines, even if there’s a staff member standing at the counter, waiting to serve me. Sure, these machines aren’t ‘intelligent’ but they’re replacing humans with a computerised process that some people (including me) prefer.  Read More


- - Tech

I was surprised this week when a SXSW panel I put together last summer, and that took place in March this year, became a key part of a much-shared profile of Kara Swisher.

However, there are a few quotes from Alexia Tsotsis in there that were taken out of context and jumped upon as supposed evidence of tech bloggers hating themselves and (finally!) an admission from the co-editor of TechCrunch that the publication was just as corrupt as people often accuse it of being.

That’s not how I remember it. It may seem odd (to those who assume that competing tech writers must obviously hate each other) that I would defend Alexia – the editor of a rival publication to The Next Web – but context is important here for understanding both what she said and the point of the panel itself. Read More

Old tunes

- - Music

I recently started making music again in my (occasional bit of) spare time. Ahead of new songs being finished, I’ve put a bunch of old songs up on SoundCloud. The new stuff will be in a similar vein – looking forward to getting it out there.