On my Twitter bio, it says “I say yes a lot.” That’s because I like it when people offer me opportunities to do interesting things. Sometimes though, it leads to a lot of opportunities coming together. Take this coming week for example:

Tuesday 15 May: In the evening, I’m chairing the SMC_MCR ‘Manchester: A Digital Future‘ debate at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Manchester. This free evening is already way oversubscribed for attendance, I’m afraid, but it will be videoed and live-blogged. Check the SMC_MCR Twitter account for more details about that on the day.

Thursday 17 May: I’m compèring the FutureEverything conference at MOSI in Manchester. This brilliant annual event explores new ideas around digital innovation in all sorts of forms. You can buy tickets here.

In the evening, I’m on the panel for The Sharp Project’s ‘Manchester, a Tech City?‘ debate. It’s pure coincidence that this is happening on the same week as the similar SMC_MCR event, but this will hone in more specifically on the city’s aspirations around tech startups. It’s great to see so much momentum around pushing Manchester forward digitally at the moment.

Friday 18 May: In the morning, I’m chairing a panel debate called ‘How Social Media & the Internet is Changing the Media’ at the SAScon conference in Manchester. That’s undoubtedly a huge topic but we’ve got an hour to thrash it out and hopefully work out exactly what the future holds for media, both social or otherwise.

Then in the afternoon, it’s back across to MOSI to compère the rest of day two of FutureEverything’s conference.

On Saturday, I’m going to a wedding. That’s not particularly relevant to anything else here, but it makes for a good title to this post. I’ll just have to hold myself back from what will by then surely be a reflex action, by grabbing a mic and asking the bride and groom to summarise the social media response to their nuptuals. Or something.

If you’re in or around Manchester, hopefully I’ll see you at one or more of these events.

Image credit: Joe Shlabotnik

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