On Monday night I spoke at an event for tech startups called StartupMill Manchester. I was talking about how best to approach tech bloggers and journalists for press coverage.

My colleague Alex Wilhelm at The Next Web wrote a good piece a while back that summarises a lot of the same points that I covered. An interesting conversation sprung out of the talk, with the night’s other speaker Jon Bradford sharing his own personal experiences of dealing with the tech press.

A few attendees asked if the slides could be put online for later reference, so here they are. They’re a bit ‘bare bones’ (I like to keep slides minimal) but should hopefully help somebody, somewhere…


  • Interesting slides Martin, thanks for positing them up. As a tech writer too I am often digging for a unique angle on a story so it really helps if the sender has something useful.There are also a few things I would add:Making personal contact is important – I tend to get inundated with faceless press releases, the ones which are a little more personable often get read first!If your site or product is in beta, open or closed, then make it clear.Be clear about any geographical issues too – for example if your site is only available in one particular region.Also, if there is time sensitive information contained within a press release then make it really clear – at the outset.

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