Well, what a year 2009 was for me…

December 28, 2009By Martin SFP Bryant

I remember reading a long time ago that your 20s are for self-discovery and that by the time they hit their 30s most people have a good idea about the direction their life is going in. When I was 29 I was worried about that 'deadline' – would my life have any firm direction by … Read More

Something to tell the grandkids…

November 28, 2009By Martin SFP Bryant

A quick catch-up of what I been up to recently. Besides my stuff for The Next Web I've been kept busy doing Digital Content Editor-y things at Marketing Manchester. Here's where the highlight of the past few weeks comes in… I was lucky enough to get to stand on the 'hallowed turf' of Wembley Stadium … Read More

Salford Quays

November 19, 2009By Martin SFP Bryant

VIDEO0002.3gp Watch on Posterous So, I'm walking through Salford Quays and wondering why I've never sent video to Posterous before. Time to give it a go! It's sent from my new HTC Hero phone so I've absolutely no idea what quality to expect. Here's Salford Quays on a cloudy Thursday in November…

Welcome to the Northern Quarter

October 22, 2009By Martin SFP Bryant

Here's a video I've produced as part of my work for Marketing Manchester – a guided tour of Manchester's Northern Quarter, a rather special part of town. Peter O'Grady, one of the city's official guides, took me round the area sharing his knowledge of its history, art and bars. Incidentally, I'm using Posterous as the … Read More