Why I’m taking Marriott International to court

August 19, 2020By Martin SFP Bryant

It’s become a depressingly familiar situation. You get an email from a company telling you that they’ve suffered a data breach and your personal information was stolen. You sigh, you shrug, and then you forget about it — because you’re powerless. You can’t get that personal data back. It might end up being used for … Read More

What the ‘SFP’ in my name means

August 17, 2020By Martin SFP Bryant

Unluckily, there’s a mass murderer who has exactly the same name as me. Like, the same middle name and everything. I’d tolerated this fact for a long time, but last year, I took the decision to tweak my name and start calling myself ‘Martin SFP Bryant’ professionally. When I was an employee, it was less … Read More

A return to podcast production

November 17, 2019By Martin SFP Bryant

An unexpected development for 2019 has been getting back into podcast production for the first time in over a decade. I produce two well-received series: social media news and discussion series Geekout with Matt Navarra, and a short documentary series explaining venture capital called Making Sense of VC. You can find out more and subscribe … Read More

Big Revolution is expanding into online classes

March 6, 2019By Martin SFP Bryant

Today, my consultancy Big Revolution has announced its first online class. Join me on 26 March for ‘Building Strong, Consistent Messaging for Startups.’ It’s aimed at startups up to Series-A funding, and if you can’t make it, you can always watch later. If you know a startup who could benefit from putting what they do … Read More