Testing LinkedIn’s new Series feature

October 24, 2018By Martin Bryant

I’m part of a small group testing a new feature on LinkedIn that allows people to subscribe to a series of themed posts. My series is called The Language of Technology, and there will be a new episode every two weeks. The first part is about the importance of having a ‘micro-pitch’ for your business. … Read More

Here’s what I’ve been working on. What’s next?

June 21, 2018By Martin Bryant

When I went out on my own at the start of this year, I knew one thing – I was tired of being pigeonholed as a journalist and editor. I wanted to do less writing and more diverse work with tech and media companies. I’m happy to say, that’s exactly how it’s turned out so … Read More

Introducing my new newsletter: Big Revolution

March 14, 2018By Martin Bryant

Every day for nearly two years I’ve been diligently curating a list of must-read links from around the web and putting them into a Nuzzel newsletter. Now it’s time to expand that newsletter into something new. Something with a bit more space to go into detail about why things matter, and play around with new … Read More

Working with the Google Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund

March 5, 2018By Martin Bryant

I’m delighted to be working with the Google Digital News Initiative as an external assessor for the latest round of its Innovation Fund. The initiative exists to support digital journalism in Europe, and the fund already supports a huge variety of projects. If you’re a media or technology company working on something new and innovative in … Read More

Consultancy: what I do (and don’t do)

January 29, 2018By Martin Bryant

Famously, Meatloaf [above] would do anything for love, but he won’t do that. I’ve got a similar philosophy… Aside from event speaking and workshops, the other thing I spend a big chunk of my time on is doing consultancy for tech and media companies. The work I’ve done to date includes: advising a media company on … Read More