Consultancy: what I do (and don’t do)

January 29, 2018By Martin SFP Bryant

Famously, Meatloaf [above] would do anything for love, but he won’t do that. I’ve got a similar philosophy… Aside from event speaking and workshops, the other thing I spend a big chunk of my time on is doing consultancy for tech and media companies. The work I’ve done to date includes: advising a media company on … Read More

My next chapter

January 3, 2018By Martin SFP Bryant

Being a writer and editor is a lot of fun, but recently I’ve been wondering what else I could do. How could I take my experience, knowledge and contacts, and use them in new ways? As of today, I’m self-employed and available for bookings for: Consultancy: Working with companies to devise and implement rock-solid, high-quality … Read More

Daily reading recommendations – sign up to my newsletter

December 6, 2016By Martin SFP Bryant

I produce a daily newsletter using Nuzzel. It features between four and 10 links to interesting reads from the past 24 hours. I cover technology, politics, cultural shifts and more. It includes commentary about each link. As I’ve previously explained, it’s a great way to make sure I read and analyse lots of different material … Read More

Thinking about the future

July 10, 2016By Martin SFP Bryant

The recent EU referendum result has got me thinking about the future and how we make it better for everyone while looking forwards, not backwards. I’ve written a couple of articles on the topic over on Medium.