Thinking about the future

July 10, 2016By Martin SFP Bryant

The recent EU referendum result has got me thinking about the future and how we make it better for everyone while looking forwards, not backwards. I’ve written a couple of articles on the topic over on Medium.

Look Ma, I’ve released some new music

May 13, 2016By Martin SFP Bryant

Following on from last October’s 10-track, 10-minute-long album, I’ve released some new The Star Fighter Pilot songs. I’m working on a new album, but for now you can get two tracks from the album plus a bonus track on Bandcamp…

So, what now?

May 2, 2016By Martin SFP Bryant

Now that I’ve left The Next Web, a few people have been in touch asking how best to follow what I’m doing in the future. So, here we go…

Hit the North: I’m moving on from TNW

April 7, 2016By Martin SFP Bryant

Yes, it’s true. I’ve written about the whats and whys over on Medium, but here’s the crux of what I’ll be doing next: “At the start of May, I’ll be joining Tech North to put my time where my mouth is and telling the stories that are currently going untold. I’ll be digging out the … Read More


April 7, 2016By Martin SFP Bryant

As you may have read, Snapchat finally ‘clicked’ with me recently, and I’m using it a lot. Follow my Story if you’re so inclined by adding me.