Why my favourite band put a huge smile on my face

October 8, 2009By Martin SFP Bryant

On Tuesday night I went to see “My favourite band in the whole wide world ever and ever (pretty much)”, The Fiery Furnaces. Not only were they absolutely amazing but right at the end I got a great thing for any fan to treasure – a setlist. Whather it was my ‘Cabaret of the Seven … Read More

Goodbye Whalley Range

October 4, 2009By Martin SFP Bryant

On Friday I said goodbye to a place I’d been working at for over seven years. Seven years of radio, TV, video production and online stuff at Whalley Range High School has been fun but it’s time to move on. My last day was a weird experience after all that time but a particular highlight … Read More

Welcome to MartinBryant.net

September 27, 2009By Martin SFP Bryant

I haven't had a proper personal blog where I write about things that I'm doing in ages. So, that's what I'll be doing here, sporadically. My other Posterous site, http://martinsfp.posterous.com, will still be posting the weird bits and pieces that amuse me as I make my way through the world but this site is for … Read More