The 10 albums I keep coming back to

The 10 albums I keep coming back to

May 6, 2013By Martin SFP Bryant

Presented here, for purely self-indulgent reasons, are my top 10 albums of all time. Now, these aren’t supposed to be the albums that I think have made the greatest impact on popular culture or anything like that – they’re simply the ten that I seem to find myself coming back to more than any others. … Read More

I love you really, Mr Friedberger

July 26, 2012By Martin SFP Bryant

Last year I wrote a post decrying the decision my favourite musician, Matthew Friedberger, to release 8 albums worth of material on vinyl only. Given that he apparently saw my post, judging by this tweet…   MF’s “Solos” now done. –Typical, in its way, fan testimonial:… — The Fiery Furnaces (@Fiery_Furnaces) November 18, 2011 … Read More