Another reminder of just how fragile Japan is

May 18, 2011By Martin SFP Bryant

During my current holiday in Japan, I visited the village of Toya Onsen. This beautiful spa resort, on the banks of Lake Toya, has been ravaged by volcanic eruptions more than once and the remarkable scars are there for all to see. Given the recent disasters in the country, this is another reminder of just … Read More

Slides, surgeries, Sky and startups

April 9, 2011By Martin SFP Bryant

What did I get up to in the opening months of 2011? Well, this: February saw me head over to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where (among other things) I explored Google’s rather fantastic stand and rode on its slide… I also helped out at Movement, a social media surgery event for musicians in Manchester, … Read More

A new look… and MWC

January 23, 2011By Martin SFP Bryant

In a move to file under “About time too”, I’ve given a new look and added dedicated About and Contact pages.  In other news, I’m heading off to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, so if you’re going to be there and want to make contact, let me know.

From Monday, I’m going full-time at The Next Web

December 1, 2010By Martin SFP Bryant

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing at The Next Web part-time for 18 months. When I started, it was just a way of writing about technology for a larger audience than I could get at my old personal blog. Since then The Next Web has grown unbelievably and it’s been a pleasure to be … Read More

Discovering Ukraine startups in Kiev

October 31, 2010By Martin SFP Bryant

This week I visited the IDCEE conference in Kiev. It was a great opportunity to discover more about this under-reported part of the tech world. Here’s an interview I did for the conference’s official YouTube channel.