Between 2004 and 2009 I used to make electronic pop under the name The Star Fighter Pilot. I used to play live regularly in Manchester and beyond and had a lot of fun doing it.

Since then, I’ve just been too busy to focus on music, but maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough. This year I ‘got the bug back’ and here’s the first song from The Star Fighter Pilot in five years. Go easy on me as I’m out of practice, but there will be more to follow…

For anyone interested, Cold Light was composed using Native Instruments Maschine Studio, with additional synths from a Novation Bass Station 2 and Roland AIRA TB-3. The vocals and mixing were handled using Apple Logic Pro X.

Fun fact: my Twitter user name ‘MartinSFP’ was chosen because I planned to use Twitter to promote my music (SFP = The Star Fighter Pilot). Back in 2007 people didn’t really use Twitter for that, so I ended up reading more about technology thanks to the people I followed there, and ended up writing about it for a living as a direct result. Funny how life works out, eh?

You can follow The Star Fighter Pilot on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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