Martin Bryant consultancy

Making your business stand out takes more than just a great product and clever marketing. Telling the right story about your company is key to gaining customers, recruiting staff, or attracting investors.

I work with companies to improve their storytelling. This can involve:

  • Using my deep editorial experience to devise and implement rock-solid, high-quality content and editorial strategies. Whether you’re a scaleup building out a content marketing operation, or a publication looking for fresh ideas and an experienced, external perspective, I can help.
  • Advising tech companies on how best to tell their story. I’ve been pitched by tens of thousands of tech companies over the past eight years, and written about well over a thousand of them. I can tell you what to focus on when you tell the world about your company, and how to pitch your vision.

I’m based in the UK but can work with companies across Europe either on-site or remotely, depending on your needs.

Interested in knowing more? Think I might be able to help you in some other way, too? Just ask and let’s talk about it.

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