I should have posted this last week but I was too busy. I’ve been announced as Editor in Chief at The Next Web, which is obviously great news. It’s not exactly breaking news now, but I thought it was worth putting up a quick post about it.

*And yes, the title of this post is a reference to the catchphrase of long-forgotten ’90s boyband EYC. No idea why they just popped into my head – I was never a fan.


  • Hi Martin,

    Congratulations on your new job! I’ve been dreaming of writing for an int’l tech publishing house since I was 13. I’m around 19 now and I’ve written for many local newspapers here in Bangladesh. But these writings are in local language, doesn’t really help me improve over type (apart from journalistic approach). I maintain a couple of blogs in English to keep up writing. It doesn’t look possible to be writing as a newsman for int’l tech publication sitting in this part of the world. But I still dream.

    Maybe that’s why it’s called a dream?

    (Don’t mind, though. Just thought I’d write my mind where somebody would listen. 🙂 ) Congrats again!

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