Last year I wrote a post decrying the decision my favourite musician, Matthew Friedberger, to release 8 albums worth of material on vinyl only.

Given that he apparently saw my post, judging by this tweet…



…it would be wrong of me to ignore the fact that a digital version is now available. The Diabolical Principle melts tracks from the Solos series together into four medleys lasting around 20 minutes each. The album is on Spotify and available to buy on iTunes. If you share my taste in music, grab it you must.

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  • Yeah, what happened to these two? Gallowsbird Bark was prtety great [even Buddyhead put it in the Best of 2003… memories], but then they got all We’re not the White Stripes and we’re gonna prove it, and went and recorded an album with their skeletor grandma. Weak.I don’t lnow about anyone else, but my grandma would be just about the last collaborator I would think of for a rock album.Again weak. And what really sparks my ire is the fact that they will occasionally show a glimmer of their past selves, but surround it with a 20-minute song about pirates and world of warcraft. You really gotta work hard to like this band at this point.

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