Every day for nearly two years I’ve been diligently curating a list of must-read links from around the web and putting them into a Nuzzel newsletter.

Now it’s time to expand that newsletter into something new. Something with a bit more space to go into detail about why things matter, and play around with new ideas.

That’s why today, I’m launching Big Revolution— a daily newsletter on how technology is changing society. From media and politics, to finance and culture, it will help you understand the world, seven days a week.

The world is changing faster than ever. Keeping up with it isn’t easy, and you can find yourself missing even huge news unless you have the time to religiously follow the headlines.

So what’s Big Revolution like?

Here’s a link to yesterday’s issue.

Monday to Friday, each issue features:

  • Big things you need to know today: big and interesting news in bullet point form.
  • The big thought: analysis of the latest news, or a broader thought about how the world is changing. I’m committing to writing a mini op-ed every week day.
  • One big read: Of all the long reads out there on the web over the past 24 hours, this is the one you should devote your coffee break to.
  • One big tweet: Something that’s caught my eye on Twitter and is best sharing in the form of the original tweet.

On Saturdays and Sundays, Big Revolution will be slightly smaller . It will still have loads of links to good reads, just without the original editorial piece.

I’ve been developing the newsletter with a small group of subscribers over the past couple of weeks. Their feedback has really helped refine it into what it is today. Thanks to all of you!

So, please subscribe (you can do that over here) and let me know what you think. Expect it to hit your inbox every day around 10am UK time.

You can also find Big Revolution on Product Hunt.

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