With the news that Posterous is to shut down for good at the end of April, I thought it would be worth transferring my personal website over from Posterous to something I can better control, so here i am on WordPress.org. How log will I be here? I’m not sure. All I’ll say is that transferring across was incredibly simple once a small hosting-relating problem that probably would affect anyone else was sorted.

The only downside of the transfer that I’ve seen so far is that images get moved across in a rather low-resolution form, but I’ll disregard that for now.

I’m trying out PageLines for managing the site’s appearance. I’m only using the free version for now, but may upgrade if I think it will allow me to ‘de-WordPress’ the design, because WordPress does tend to have a pretty standard look, no matter what theme you choose. This story is to be continued…

Image credit: Titanas / Flickr

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  • I’ve been using PageLines free for a while as well, it can be a little confusing at first but it’s a pretty pliable solution, though not making the most of it at the moment. Happy to help point you in the right direction (if I can) should you find yourself stuck using it.

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