Someone emailed me this weekend asking how he could meet people in the Manchester area who are interested in startups and collaborating on tech ideas.

Here are the links I sent him back. They’re not exactly news if you’re already invovled in the Manchester tech scene, but if you’re looking to get involved, I hope that this helps:

– Join the Manchester Startups Facebook group

– Check Startup Digest Manchester for a calendar of events (although Ian and Coral who run it are taking a break from it for a few weeks right now)

– Check TechHub Manchester events

– Sign up for Startup Weekend Manchester, which is back this November. The first one, last year, was brilliant.

– Look out for details of the next Silicon Drinkabout in Manchester

– I’d also definitely recommend joining TechHub Manchester as a member once you have a project under way (full disclosure – I am a co-founder there).

Image credit: Daniel Nisbet / Flickr


  • Thanks for the info. I’ve lived in Manchester for a few years now but never really paid attention to the start-up scene, and now that I need to I didn’t have a clue where to start…you saved me a lot of work (googling):)

    • Thanks Martin!

      It’s a great community Saqib especially for techy people like you guys at SocialDom – as a bonus it is always great for some of the younger businesses to hear what some of the bigger companies are up to and how they got there!

  • Hi Martin.

    Followed an old answer on Quora and landed here. Thanks for a great overview. It seems like you are interested in the startup scene and we build a platform where you can reach out to local and ask questions about the local startup environment. You’d be a great Manchester ambassador – Just saying 🙂


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