Following on from my post a few hours ago in reaction to Jolie O’Dell’s post about journalism, I’ve been thinking some more about how journalism interfaces with blogging and my thoughts have crystallised a bit further…

They echo Martin Belam’s comment on Jolie’s post: “Some bloggers do journalism very well. Some bloggers don’t do journalism at all. Some professional journalists don’t seem to do journalism that well either…”

Journalism is something that any blogger, no matter their level of experience or background, can do as long as they do it ethically and responsibly. If they break a story or move a story forward through doing their own legwork to get interviews or quotes, or simply dig around the internet for original evidence and then present it in a fair and balanced way, they’re being a news journalist. When they take a story from elsewhere and repackage it for their audience (in a way that’s respectful to the content and its creator) they’re being a curator and when they write an opinion piece they’re being simply a writer. They’re all tools that a blogger has up his or her sleeve and uses as the situation demands.

We certainly all need to keep ourselves in check by adhering to standards though.

Right, that’s enough existential angst for one year…


  • I didn’t read the post that sparked your “existential angst” but, I read Jake’s piece and followed it here (and your first post on the subject). This is a tough topic due to the differing rules placed upon bloggers and journalists, which immediately allows people to separate the fields and allow people to decrease their expectations of blogging when, in reality, we are amidst a huge decline in printed papers and most of the news comes from the Internet. I digress, this is a huge issue that is only going to get bigger as journalism is forced to move online…if they can manage to figure that out, remains to be seen. What I feel is, just like any profession: chef, mechanic, programmer, writer, some are always going to be more skilled than others. I don’t see journalists as more elite than bloggers, I like some “writers” better than others and don’t give a rat’s ass what they call themselves. </end>

  • Thanks for the comment Donna. I’m more relaxed about the whole thing now than when I wrote this post. To be honest, as long as I do a good job at whatever it is I do I’m happy to be called a blogger, a journalist, a journalistic blogger or a pantomime horse. Whatever people prefer! 🙂

  • The line between journalism and blogging has become increasingly blurred. Typically less credit is given to bloggers than newspapers when it comes ot fact, but there are a number of bloggers whom I offer more trust to than certain newspapers.I never think the end of the professional journalist will occur, but believe that they will need to ‘brand’ themselves properly online and cite references at the end of articles in order to establish themselves as trustworthy news sources.Just my 2 cents…1 pence!Cheers,Matt

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