From today, I’m starting a month-long experiment: can I ‘switch off’ from work entirely?

The Next Web recently introduced a ‘one month off after three years with the company’ policy. As I’ve been with the company more than three years, I’m going to take them up on it for the duration of February.

I’ll be using the time to work on getting more of the electronic music ideas I’ve had going round in my head for the past year actually recorded, so look out for the occasional SoundCloud link here and on Twitter. I may put something out as a ‘proper’ digital release at the end of the month too, depending on how I get on. One thing’s for sure: I will make music and try not to think much about The Next Web.

Of course, after a month I’ll be back to full speed at TNW, and I do have a couple of event speaking commitments in the coming weeks that will keep me thinking about technology, but for the most part I’m downing tools, moving work apps off my phone homescreen, switching off their notifications, and firing up the synths.


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