I’ve been writing quite regularly over on Medium this year. Here are some highlights…

Demand the world you want [February 2017]

“For too long, I tried to keep politics out of my conversations, online and off. In normal times, this is understandable politeness. Now, when so much is at stake, it’s time we all engaged with big ideas and the direction the world is going. Why let people you disagree with have it all their way?”

Governments are recklessly putting their heads in the sand about automation [March 2017]

“At a time when the world is changing faster than ever, politicians need to have an eye on the what the world might be like further down the line than the next general election.”

Madchester rave on… awkwardly [October 2017]

“If we truly want Manchester to be a top-class global city, we need to get over our squeamishness about a cultural movement from nearly 30 years ago. After all, if I was a tourist coming to the city, I’d be very surprised the Madchester bar didn’t already exist.”

What if tech journalism is the bad guy? [December 2017]

So, what if the ‘backlash’ is largely a narrative produced by tech media, overcompensating for its own complicity in letting companies misbehave unchecked in the past?”

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