Now that I’ve left The Next Web, a few people have been in touch asking how best to follow what I’m doing in the future. So, here we go…

Most of my writing will be for Tech North, although exact details of what and where will be sorted out soon as our new content strategy is nailed down.

Other places you can look out for me are

  • Medium (where I’ll write occasional pieces about things that don’t relate specifically to tech in the North of England).
  • A daily Nuzzel newsletter that currently comes out at 10am UK time every day. This features a handful of things you should read that day, complete with personal commentary from me. Take a look and subscribe if you like it.
  • Twitter, which is where my stream-of-consciousness stuff about everything from tech to music to… anything, really, can be found.
  • Snapchat, where my Story shares what I’m up to, whatever that might be. Here’s how to add me there.

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