A quick catch-up of what I been up to recently. Besides my stuff for The Next Web I've been kept busy doing Digital Content Editor-y things at Marketing Manchester. Here's where the highlight of the past few weeks comes in…

I was lucky enough to get to stand on the 'hallowed turf' of Wembley Stadium on Thursday.

Unfortunately I wasn't supposed to be stood on it, just next to it. It's not my fault if they don't clearly mark where the astroturf ends and the pitch begins! A stern Wembley employee swiftly instructed me to move back. You can find out why I was there over at the Visit Manchester Blog.

On the train on the way down, I got to interview up-and-coming Manchester band Kid British who were lending their support to Manchester's World Cup Host City Bid. Here I am, trying to interview them and keep the camera steady as the train rattles down the track at over 100 MPH.

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