I don’t really ‘do’ music news but no-one seems to have spotted this, so here I go.

Matthew Freidberger, one half of one of my favourite bands ever, The Fiery Furnaces, has quietly released seven new tracks on Bandcamp under the name MR. FRIED BURGER/NEUE FRIEDBERGER OPER/M. Friedberger.  It’s a ‘mixtape’ (in the hip-hop sense of the word) called ‘MR. FRIED BURGER, I RESUME?’

In addition to the digital release, which has a $9 suggested price, there’s a ‘Plastic rhinoceros, undersized. NOT FOR SALE. Buy not now. Please do not attempt to purchase,’ listed at $1,000. Don’t buy that one, eh?

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 13.21.35

Music-wise, there are operatic elements in here – a departure for Friedberger, but something he was teasing back in 2012 – as well as some heavier rock bits and even some early 80s synth pop towards the end. Longtime fans will recognise some of the instrumentation in here, with some familiar synth and strings sounds appearing like old friends. It’s a beautiful little collection all in. And it’s not on vinyl 🙂

I’ve confirmed that the new release was only publicised via an obscure Twitter account that followed me last month, but that intrigued me enough to follow it back. I only noticed today that it had actually tweeted a link to to the release 17 days ago. The official Fiery Furnaces account retweeted it but it seems no journalists have connected the dots and written about it.

So, a low-key release, but it’s good. And you should buy it. And listen to it a lot. I understand there’s more to come from Mr F.


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