I haven't had a proper personal blog where I write about things that I'm doing in ages. So, that's what I'll be doing here, sporadically. My other Posterous site,, will still be posting the weird bits and pieces that amuse me as I make my way through the world but this site is for bite-size thoughts, photos and news from my life.

I used to have a lifestream-style site at, but it was a pain to maintain – Posterous is much easier.

Over on the right you can see where you'll find me in various locations around the web. I do tend to be just about everywhere.

Finally for now, here's a photo of the cat that mysteriously turned up on our doorstep last week. It was surprisingly sunny for for mid-September and the doorstep was the only bit of shade it could find. It wasn't happy in the slightest when I moved it. Poor thing with its weird glassy left eye and grumpy miaow.


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