Back in March, Gabe Rivera of Techmeme fame launched a media news aggregator called Mediagazer. If you have any interest at all in the inner workings of the media, you really should have it on your list of sites to check every day.

  • While Techmeme tends to turn up news-focused articles; Mediagazer concentrates more on 'good reads'. Take today's piece about Perez Hilton's falling influence or this story about the resignation of a Washington Post blogger, for example. They're not necessarily breaking news but most articles will teach you something about the media industry while entertaining you along the way.
  • The media journalism/blogging world has much less of a 'me too' culture than the tech news world has. As a result, Mediagazer isn't a sea of 'discussion' links about news that probably won't matter in a week's time. Most of the links on Mediagazer at any time will be worth a read.
It's certainly not perfect. My main concern is that it's heavily biased towards US media news. This leaves me to wonder what a European-focused version of the site would look like. I wonder the same about Techmeme, but as UK tech news is my bread and butter that's probably out of self interest than anything else. Still, Mediagazer has become a daily part of my online reading over the past few month and if you're anything at all like me you'll love it too.

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