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Thinking about the future

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The recent EU referendum result has got me thinking about the future and how we make it better for everyone while looking forwards, not backwards. I’ve written a couple of articles on the topic over on Medium.

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Hit the North: I’m moving on from TNW

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Yes, it’s true. I’ve written about the whats and whys over on Medium, but here’s the crux of what I’ll be doing next:

“At the start of May, I’ll be joining Tech North to put my time where my mouth is and telling the stories that are currently going untold. I’ll be digging out the many success stories that the world needs to know about, highlighting issues that need addressing and making sure that no-one can ever say again that the North has nothing worth knowing about or they don’t know how to find out about the technology sector here.”

Read on… and don’t miss Tech North’s own announcement.